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Surgery Post Op Care

The goal of healing involves not allowing the gum tissue to be agitated such that it may adhere to the bone adequately. Therefore, the following instructions will help prevent the tissues from moving and also prevent foreign materials from getting between the tissues and the bone. 

  1. Avoid strenuous activities and any unnecessary lifting for the remainder of the day. 
  2. Apply an ice bag to the face over the surgical site every 20 minutes per hour.  This will minimize swelling and discoloration. Do not use ice after the first day. 
  3. No lifting the cheek or lip  
  4. No negative pressure to the wound area including pulling, swishing fluids in the mouth or using a straw.  
  5. Food: No small particles pulp or seeds. Try to limit foods to cold foods such as ice cream, milk shakes or clear fluids 
  6. Brushing: 1. Use the prescription mouth rinse in place of tooth paste 2.No brushing or flossing the surgical site until sutures have been removed 
  7. There should not be much bleeding from the surgical site. If you experience significant bleeding, place a moistened Lipton tea bag between the incision and your cheek. Rest with your head elevated for 20 minutes with slight to moderate pressure over the area. Remove the tea bag and confirm that the bleeding has stopped. If it has not, repeat with a new tea bag. If the bleeding persists, call the office for further advice. 
  1. Although severe pain is rare, some discomfort will occur. Please take prescribed medications, along with antiinfalmmatory medication as directed until the suture removal appointment. This will help avoid discomfort and swelling. 
  2. There will be some swelling and discoloration for three to five days. This is a normal part of the healing process. 
  3. There is often temporary loss of feeling in the surgical site.
  4. The treated tooth may feel loose for a brief time. 
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